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A guide on the questions that you should ask your SAP vendor


There is nothing as bad as choosing a SAP services vendor only to find out that what they are offering is not what your company needs. Before making a choice, you must at least have a one-on-one talk with them. It is in this session that you should ask the vendor as many questions as possible. Here are some of the questions that you should never fail to ask your SAP system vendor

Do you have experience in my domain?

This is the first very important question to ask any vendor who is looking forward to offering their services to you. Make sure that you are dealing with a person who has been in the market for a long time. This is important because most of the resource planning systems will require that teamwork with the user. If the vendor whom you are considering does not know your domain, they can spend a lot of time trying to evaluate and understand how your domain works. If a vendor can’t understand your business process and terms and once, it will not only take you a long time to implement SAP to your business system and some may end up failing you. At least consider choosing someone who has handled your kind of business before.

How will you ensure that the SAP remains relevant to my business?

When you are thinking of SAP, you should not just be seeing it today. Try to figure out what may happen in the future as well. Today the SAP may be working perfectly well but fails in the future. This is a common situation especially when the business model changes. Talk to the vendor and make sure that they have a way to models training and how they can stay accurate even when the business model changes.

Who are your team members?

When you want to incorporate SAP services into your business, you must find a company or a provider who will help you with the setup. Before making a choice, try to find out who you will be working with. Apart from that, check all team members just to make sure that you are working with qualified people and people who are experienced. Check their communication and chemistry as well. The last thing that you want is a team that is divided.

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