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About Google firebase

Firebase gives several services, which includes:

  • Analytics – Free, unlimited reporting on as many as 500 separate offered by Google Firebase Analytics for Firebase. For better decision-making about improving performance and app marketing, analytics presents data about user behavior in iOS and Android apps
  • Authentication – Firebase Authentication makes it easy for developers to build safe authentication systems and upgrade the sign-in and incorporating experience for users. This function gives a unique solution, supporting email and password accounts, Instagram, as well as Google, Facebook, linked in, Twitter login, and more.
  • Cloud messaging – A cross-platform Firebase clouding messaging (FCM) messaging tool that lets companies authentically receive and deliver messages on the web and iOS, Android at free of cost.
  • There is a way to sync database between real time and virtual users through the help of coordinating systems. The app data is synced online and can be stored in the firebase app to get it used for most people.
  • Crashlytics – Firebase Crashlytics is a real-time crash reporter that helps developers prioritize, fix stability, and track issues and problems that reduce the quality of their apps. With this, developers spend less time troubleshooting crashes and more time building features for their apps.
  • Performance – Firebase Performance Monitoring service gives developers a deep look into the performance characteristics of their iOS and Android apps to help them to check out when and where the performance of their apps can be upgraded.
  • Test lab – It is a cloud-based app-testing structure. Can test their iOS or Android apps of devices. The results in the form of videos, photos, logos and many other stuff can be seen on firebase app easily.

Use cases                                                                    

Firebase use cases include:

  • Create onboarding flows –Using Firebase Authentication developer can give users a quick sing in process. In less than 5 minutes they allow users to sign into their apps through their Google, Twitter, Facebook, or any other mentioned accounts. Each step of their onboarding flows to upgrade the user experience can be tracked by the developer. Including, developers can use Google Analytics for Firebase to create funnels to verify where users are dropping off, log events at each step of their onboarding flows and use remote configuration to make changes on their apps to see how those changes affect transition.
  • Customize a “welcome back” screen – Personalization to give every user the best experience by custom made the initial screen based on a user’s language, usage history preferences, and location. It can define audiences based, in part, on user behaviors and show targeted content to each audience.
  • Progressively roll out new features – New features are launched with minimal risk by first testing those functionalities on some clients to see how they work and how users respond. Then, when developers are satisfied, they can launch their apps to the rest of their users.

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